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Extraits de Clockwork Prince et de City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare (Deux tweets viennent relancer le débat Will / Jem)

Les mises à jour sont à la fin de cet article.

Le groupe google de Cassandra Clare a atteint les 5000 fans. Comme promis elle a donc dévoilé une scène éditée de Clockwork Prince, le deuxième tome de la série Infernal Devices, ainsi que deux lignes de City of Lost Souls, le cinquième tome de La cité des ténèbres.

Concernant l'extrait de Clockwork Prince il s'agit d'un passage supprimé de la version finale donc il n’apparaîtra pas dans le livre. Au fil des semaines, Cassandra Clare a dévoilé de nombreux extraits, vous pouvez les retrouver ici.

Plus d'informations sur la série...

Et voici l'extrait (celui de CoLS est au bas de l'article)

The darkness came and went in waves that grew ever slower. Tessa was beginning to feel lighter, less like an awful weight was pressing her down. She wondered how much time had passed. It was night in the infirmary, and she could see Will a few beds away from her, a curled figure under the blankets, dark head pillowed on his arm. Brother Enoch had given him a tisane to drink once the [redacted] was cut out of his skin, and he had fallen asleep almost instantly, thank God. The sight of him in that much pain had been more harrowing than she could have imagined.

She was in a clean white nightgown now; someone must have cut away her blood-stiffened clothes and washed her hair before bandaging her — it lay softly over his shoulders, no longer twisted into rat-tails of tangles and drying blood. ‘Tessa,” came a whispered voice. “Tess?”

Only Will calls me that. She opened her eyes, but it was Jem seated on the side of her bed, looking down at her. The moonlight spilling through the high ceilings turned him almost transparent, an ethereal angel, all silver but for the gold chain at his throat. He smiled. “You’re awake.”

“I’ve been awake here and there.” She coughed. “Enough to know I’m all right besides a crack on the head. A lot of fuss about nothing —” Tessa’s eyes dropped, and she saw that Jem was carrying something in his hands: a thick mug of some liquid that sent up a fragrant steam. “What’s that?” “One of Brother Enoch’s tisanes,” said Jem. “It will help you sleep.” “All I’ve been doing is sleeping!”

“And very amusing it is to watch,” said Jem. “Did you know you twitch your nose when you sleep, like a rabbit?”

“I do not,” she said, with a whispered laugh.

“You do,” he said. “Fortunately, I like rabbits.” He handed her the cup. “Drink just a little,” He said. “It is right for you to sleep. Brother Enoch says to think of the wounds and shocks to your spirit as you would think of wounds and shocks to your body. You must rest the injured part of yourself before you begin to heal.”

Tessa was dubious, but she took a sip of the tisane anyway, and then another. It had a pleasant taste, like cinnamon. Barely had she swallowed the second mouthful when a feeling of exhaustion swept over her. She lay back against the pillows, listening to his soft voice telling her a story about a beautiful young woman whose husband had died building the Great Wall of China, and who had cried so much over his loss that she had turned into a silvery fish and swum away across a river. As Tessa drifted off into dreams, she felt his gentle hands take the cup from her and set it down on the bedside table. She wanted to thank him, but she was already asleep.


“He is a Shadowhunter,” said Jocelyn. “His loyalty will be to Clave and Covenant.”
“He’s my friend,” said Magnus coldly. “His loyalty is to me.”

EDIT : Voici deux tweets de Cassandra Clare, de cette nuit, qui viennent un peu relancer le débat entre les teams Jem et Will.

Le premier un peu mystérieux concerne le futur de Tessa :

Et enfin le second (qui est en deux parties) :

Alors alors les teams Jem ? Toujours pas convaincues ? Bon on le soupçonnait depuis longtemps d'avoir une bonne raison, j'ai maintenant hâte de savoir laquelle ^^

EDIT : Et parce que j'aime torturer mes copines, il n'y a pas de raison que je sois la seule à rougner dans mon coin, voilà deux tweets de la nuit de Cassandra Clare.

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